Advanced Training Institutes – An Insight

Advanced Training Institute (EAST) National Skill Training Institute(Erstwhile ATI) at Calicut, Kerala, in India, is an international institution under the Department of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Skills, Development & Entrepreneurship. It is dedicated to developing trained manpower for industries, teaching staff to the International Skill Colleges and to upgrade all the training institutes at national level. The main aim of the school is to ensure that all the students receive the best quality education and train them effectively in the areas of their interest.

The erstwhile ATI was founded in 1970 and it is a fully autonomous body under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India and it works under the guidance of Department of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. It is committed to enhance the knowledge and skill levels of all its trainees, enhance the career opportunities of its graduates and to improve the infrastructure and standard of living of the people. The erstwhile ATI is an official unit of the ministry and it carries a strong mandate to provide quality education to the students.

The erstwhile ATI is one of the major sponsors of all the national and international training institutes for the development of skilled manpower. It is the only sponsor that offers a long-term financial assistance to the students so that they can carry on their studies. The erstwhile ATI has introduced many courses at both domestic and international level, so that its students are able to understand various fields of study. This has also meant that these trainees are able to apply the information to the working environment and the business environment. These courses help the erstwhile ATI students become better employees and enable them to perform at their optimum level in the industries.

The erstwhile ATI is an official member of the International Skills Council. It is also an active member of the Indian Skills Council and is affiliated to International Skills Federation and International Skills Institute. It provides a wide variety of training options for both domestic and international level trainees.

The erstwhile ATI is committed to providing an excellent standard of education to all its trainees. The erstwhile ATI is highly respected by all its stakeholders and is also considered one of the best education institutes in India. The erstwhile ATI has also trained a large number of guest lecturers to teach in their various courses. These guest lecturers give highly advanced lectures in many fields of study to attract a better class of students.

The extended ATI also conducts regular seminars for the professionals who wish to improve their professional skills and knowledge. These seminars are organized by eminent personalities who are internationally renowned in their field of expertise. The extended ATI has also arranged to conduct a number of workshops and seminars for the mass audience, which gives a detailed discussion on all the topics related to their area of expertise. These seminars are conducted in a highly interactive manner to enable the participants to interact with each other and share their thoughts.

The extended ATI is also responsible for preparing a set of certification exams to enable its students to get an edge over other students in their respective courses and prepare for future exams. The extended ATI is also one of the sponsors of the National Skills Competitions, which is conducted by international agencies and helps the trainee to build his/her qualification faster. The extended ATI also conducts international conferences for enhancing the knowledge and skills of trainees and also provides valuable inputs to the students. The extended ATI is also responsible for the preparation of the syllabus and books required for the syllabus of many other related courses for further studies.

The extended ATI also has its own in house research department, which has come out with a number of papers that are written by well renowned authors from various fields. The extended ATI is proud to announce that it is the sole owner of the exclusive ATI International Magazine, which is dedicated to all the trainees and teachers.

Advanced Training Institutes – An Insight
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